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[Aya] 26 88 57 83 173 OK OK

English : Availibity :
Beginner level Japanese speaker only(Asian only)

Incall Outcall
Ueno/Ueno 2/Nippori/Omiya Tokyo area

伊藤 綾(あや)伊藤 綾(あや)伊藤 綾(あや)伊藤 綾(あや)
Hi everyone ♪ I'm Aya (*'∀ `*)

Since I first came to LIBE I now gained a lot of experience !
I am now able to practice anal sodomy ♡

Prostate massage is also added as an option, and for the first-timer I will gently do it for you so that you can feel it comfortably ♪

Ejaculation can be done depending on the day, so if you want to make me cum, I'm here waiting for you (* ´꒳` *)

Please come to enjoy me for a more ecstatic than you ever had ♡

[Q & A]

Q. When do you get wet?
A. When i get a thick kiss ... (〃ω〃)

Q. What is your most extreme experience so far?
A. It's a secret ♡

Q. What do you like most about the male body?
A. I like big hands ♪

Q. What is your erogenous zone?
A. My nipples?

Q. How old was your first experience?
A.18 years old ♪
You can pay through Paypal
You can pay through Paypal