name age B W H height bottom top
[Ayase] 24 80 58 75 172 Depends OK

English : Availibity :
Beginner level Japanese speaker only

Incall Outcall
Ueno/Ueno 2/Nippori Tokyo area

Nice to meet you, my name is Ayase.

I tend to be nervous but I love to get done by someone!
Please feel free to tell me what you want to do because I want you to leave with a full satisfaction (* ´∀ `)

I'm also good at sodomisation , you don't have to worry even if you're a beginner (* ´ω ` *)

[Q & A]
Q. When do you get wet?
When I look at someone having a good feeling (/// ω ///)
Q. What is the most extreme experience you have ever had?
With someone sleeping next to his girlfriend ...} ・
Q. Which male body part is your favorite?
From the chest to the stomach ... I like nipples!
Q. What is the erogenous zone?
My stomach and nipples ///
Q. How old is your first experience?
At 19. (ノ'∀ ` *)