name age B W H height bottom top
[Erika] 22 85 58 83 165 Depends OK

English : Availibity :
Beginner level Open to any customer

Incall Outcall
Shinjuku・Shinjuku 2・Shibuya・Takadanobaba・Ueno・Ueno 2・Ikebukuro・Nippori・Yokohama・Yokohama 2 Tokyo area

Hi there, I'm Erika. ♡
I'm often told to be a naughty girl..(´ε` )
I get quite often pretty lonely so I'd love to have someone with who I can cuddle with and warmed up with.♡
People that are inexperienced as bottom are very much welcome.~(*´艸`*)

Lately I'm fond of shopping and travel.♪
I used to work as an aroma masseur, so I can also offer erotic massage.♪
But I'd love also to get an erotic massage by you as well. ♡
I'm looking forward to see you.~(*´∀`*)

Q.When do you get wet?
When I get caressed with the tips of the finger, when I see a big C○○K.

Q.What is your most extreme experience?
Recently, I did it in a parking, behind a car...

Q.Which part of the male body is your favorite?
The abdomen, nipples and.. the butt.(´ε` )

Q.Where is your erogenous area?
Please come find it with me.♪

Q.When did you first make out?
When I was 17.
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You can pay through Paypal