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[Mai] 22 81 63 86 170 OK OK

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Beginner level Open to any customer

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Shinjuku・Shinjuku 2・Shibuya・Takadanobaba・Ueno・Ueno 2・Ikebukuro・Nippori Tokyo area

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Hi there, I'm Mai. A non-hormone ladyboy just for you.

I'm confident to say that people always ask me "You're really not taking hormones?" due to my facial and body characteristics. And, indeed, I don't lol.
So I invite you to come over and choose me to have a look at how hard and how wet I can get.(///ω///)

I'm good at both top AND bottom.( ・`ω・´)
I haven't experience anyone who couldn't "get" inside me even with the largest size I've met lol.
I'm very confident to say that I'm good at topping.( ̄^ ̄)☆
To those who think 「I'm worried because it's my first time」「Will it feel good?」「I wanna get stimulated at it's highest」
For the first-time visitors I'll make sure to handle you gently so that you can enjoy and experience pleasure.

If you come to visit me , I'll make sure that I'll fulfill your sexual and emotional desires. I'm waiting for each one of you.~(*´艸`*)
You can pay through Paypal
You can pay through Paypal