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I'm going to introduce here few of the special techniques that I learnt such as the brain orgasm, dry orgasm and pegging that I learned.

-♥ About Brain orgasm, Dry orgasm, Pegging ♥-

Brain orgasm, Dry orgasm, Pegging these aren't words that you commonly see right?

To give you a brief explanation :

⑴ Dry orgasm → This is when you reach an orgasm without ejaculation! It is said that the orgasm of a woman is several times much more powerful than the ejaculation of a man and brain orgasm can provide you the same pleasure that is comparable to a woman's orgasm. (* ˊᵕˋ *)

I've gently served several clients with my special prostate massage until they reached that dry orgasm.♡

Brain orgasm → By introducing my specially trained hypnosis. I can lead you to an orgasm without even touching your penis or prostate. When you are in a hypnotic state, you can cum make just by counting to 10, with a technique called “count” and "finger snapping" I can make you cum, or I can also make you cum by gentle “kiss” or “nipple” caresses.

Brain orgasm may be half-trusted. However, it is based on psychological principles such as “conditioning” and “rapport formation”. Hypnosis susceptibility varies from individual to individual, but many I have so far led several people already to the brain orgasm experience.

(I'm majoring in psychology)

Pegging → This is when the girl puts her penis into your anal part.

People that experience this for the first time often ask : "Doesn't it hurt to put a cock on the butt for the first time?"

In my case, I can just adjust the hardness, keeping it into a soft state and put it in your anal part without any pain. Then I can just enlarge it to a comfortable size for you.

And by pinpointing the sensitive part of your butt, I'll work out some intense hips swigging, that even for first-time user will be comfortable and painless, to finally bringing you to that dry orgasm experience.

My passion for dry orgasm and brain orgasm is out of the ordinary lol
I invested my own money, went to M sexual clubs and seminars over and over again to master the “technique”.

My SEX session will invite you to feel the pleasure through a full play like “bewitching behavior”, “healing music”, “aphrodisiac flavor of chocolate ”, “scent of aroma oil”, “sexual massage such as full-scale massage and feather touch”… that fully controls the five senses : the sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch.

Last but not least, I'm might get in contradictory with what I was talking about previously, but I actually think that getting an orgasm physically is not important.

Because the most important thing is to “make your heart cum”.

No matter how much pleasure your body gets, it is not necessarily connected to your heart and I will do my best to satisfy you mentally.

SEX through the feeling of all the five senses and the heart from me to you ...

Now, release yourself and fall in pleasure with me.
You can pay through Paypal
You can pay through Paypal