name age B W H height bottom top
[Miharu] 22 78 57 79 160 OK OK

English : Availibity :
Intermediate level Open to any customer

Incall Outcall
Shinjuku/Shinjuku 2/Shibuya/Takadanobaba/Ueno/Ueno 2/Ikebukuro/Nippori Tokyo area

Nice to meet you, thank you for seeing my page (* ノ ω ノ)

I will give you the best time, while you'll meet me.

I like flirting lover play sometimes think about doing some naughty things ///

☆ About play ☆

At first I was only doing “Bottom” sex, but there are many customers' that asked me to sodomize them.
Now, you can experience sodomie with me without pain ♡

It is hard to explain in details, but adapting the size is a key factor.

Some people might be scared a little bit at first, but I will make sure to gently massage your prostate with my fingertips to "soften" the butt.

And then I'll slowly and gently insert my dick adjusted to your anal size //

It wasn't easy at first, but now I'm glad when I see people's satisfaction on their faces

There are new experiences and pleasures that ordinary girls can't taste.

Either as M or as S, I'm waiting for you ♪