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[Nanami] 22 87 61 84 173 OK OK

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Beginner level Open to any customer

Incall Outcall
Shinjuku/Shinjuku 2/Takadanobaba/Ueno/Ueno 2/Ikebukuro/Nippori/Yokohama/Yokohama 2 Tokyo area

Nice to meet you ♪
I'm Nanami.
I don't have much experience but I love naughty things ♡
I will do my best for us to have a good time together ♡♡

[Q & A]
Q. When do you get wet?
A. When I get done by someone

Q. What is your most extreme experience so far?
A. Having sex in a public spot ♡

Q. Which male body part is your favorite?
A. Chest

Q. What is your erogenous zone?
A. My nipples

Q. How old was your first experience?
A.19 years old
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You can pay through Paypal