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[Sayu] 25 88 60 82 170 OK Not available

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Beginner level Open to any customer

Incall Outcall
Shinjuku/Shinjuku 2/Takadanobaba/Ueno/Ueno 2/Ikebukuro/Nippori Tokyo area

Hello !
My name is [Sayu](´∀`)

I love deep kiss and being caressed on my nipple.
I also love deep throat, so if you give me some move from the front it will be make me very hard.
・:*+.\(( °ω° ))/.:+

Q.When do you get wet?
When someone get me done!

Q.What is your most extreme experience so far?
When I had my hand and foot restrained and had aphrodisiac !!

Q.Which part of the male body if your favorite?
The stomach

Q.What is your erogenous zone?
My ears

Q.When did you first make out?
When I was 20 !
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You can pay through Paypal