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[Yutori] 21 80     166 OK Not available

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Beginner level Japanese speaker only

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Shinjuku・Shinjuku 2 Tokyo area

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Hi, my name is Yutori!
Thank you for viewing my page.✧

I love to be hugged tightly, if you do so that would make me very happy. lol

I have been starting to take hormone treatment, even tho my body is just starting to evolve, I'd just love to learn new things.
I'd be so happy if I can share this learning experience with you.(//∇//)

I'm not very experienced yet, but I'll do my best and please teach me what you know.

Let's have some good time together..♪
I'm looking forward to meet you.♡

Q.When do you get wet?
When I get firmly hugged, when I get licked on my nipples.

Q.What is your most extreme experience?
Inside a car・・・♡

Q.Which part of the male body is your favorite?
The arms and the legs!
I like the feeling to be drown into someone's arm when I get hugged.

Q.Where is your erogenous area?
On my nipples and my butt.
But I'm pretty much sensitive everywhere in my body.

Q.When did you first make out?
When I was 18.
You can pay through Paypal
You can pay through Paypal