name age B W H height bottom top
[Yuuka] 20 80 55 94 170 OK Not available

English : Availibity :
Beginner level Japanese speaker only

Incall Outcall
Shinjuku/Shinjuku 2/Takadanobaba/Ueno/Ueno 2/Ikebukuro/Nippori/Yokohama/Yokohama 2/Omiya Tokyo area

Nice to meet you!
Thanks for visiting my page(*ˊᗜˋ*)/♡
I'm Yuuka !

I like to be gently caressed and touched, I would get hard right away⁄(⁄ ⁄-⁄ω⁄-⁄ ⁄)⁄
I like to hug or be hugged, if you hug me tightly It would make me very happy

I'm interested about many things, so i'm just very looking forward to experience new things with my customers.(っ'ω'c)
If you are interested about cosplay, don't hesitate to ask!

I'm still not that experienced in this industy, I hope I'll make you satisfied(`・ω・´)スク!

[Q & A]
Q. When do you get wet?
When someone gently, but tightly hugs me ... (/ ω \ *)

Q. What is your most extreme experience so far?
When even after I squirted I was being aggressively still being touched

Q. Which male body part is your favorite?
I like the arms and the neck! I'll watch them when you'll hug me lol

Q. What is the erogenous zone?
My breast and back (/ ω \ *)

Q. How old is your first experience?
I think when I was 16 years old ⁄ (⁄ ⁄-⁄ω⁄-⁄ ⁄) ⁄
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You can pay through Paypal